Dickinson County Supervisors Send Local Control Survey to All Iowa Supervisors
Jefferson County Supervisors Add Survey to April 6 Agenda 
Facing CAFO development in their county, the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors (BOS) decided to survey all Iowa County Supervisors to determine if they want Iowa to return to local control. The survey was mailed on Tuesday, March 24 to each County Auditor.

The Iowa State Legislature removed local control in 1995, opening the floodgates for CAFO development in Iowa. Local control would give county supervisors the ability to evaluate where a CAFO could be sited and take into account the concerns of neighbors in the area.

It's been said that local control is too complicated to implement in Iowa, but Minnesota enjoys a local control system that is regulated all the way down to the Township level. There is no reason it can't be reinstated here - but Iowans have to ask for it!

This survey is a first step. Please contact your county supervisors and ask them to support local control in the survey.

If you live in Jefferson County, your supervisors are:

Becky Schmitz - Cell: 641-919-5575, email: bschmitz@jeffersoncountyia.com
Lee Dimmitt - Cell: 641-919-9547, email: lee.dimmitt@jeffersoncountyia.com
Richard C. Reed - Home: 641-472-6555, Cell: 641-919-8262, email: dick.reed@jeffersoncountyia.com

If you live in another county, find your supervisors here.
The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors will address the local control survey at their Monday, April 6 weekly board meeting. This survey is a first step that could begin a journey towards reinstating local control for CAFO siting in Iowa. It will take the efforts of all of us to help make that happen.
Please turn out for this meeting to encourage the supervisors to support a local control option. It's important to let our elected officials know that Iowa residents deserve to have a say about where CAFOs are located!