Here are action steps you can take today to protect our environment:

1. Educate Yourself
Learn about the problem with Factory Farms and how it will affect you and your family. Review the information on this site, FactoryFarm.orgIowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and the Iowa DNR.

2. Contact Elected Officials
Call, write, or e-mail your elected officials and let them know what you think. 

State Government 
State Legislators 
Local Elected Officials

3. Talk to Your Neighbors 
Help educate them and let them know how important it is that their opinions are known by local and state representatives.

4. Report Suspicious Activity 
Call Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at 515-282-0484 immediately if you see what might be a CAFO being constructed, or if you see what might be an illegal manure dumping.

5. Support JFAN

Support JFAN's efforts by attending JFAN public meetings,volunteering, and contributing to the JFAN defense fund.

6. Join Iowa Citizens forCommunity Improvement 

This 30-year old organization is working hard to insure the quality of air and water in Iowa and is working to return local control of factory farms to the county level.

About JFAN

JFAN is a nonprofit community organization composed of rural and town residents, and traditional family farmers. Our common concern is to stop the growth of CAFO Factories in Jefferson County and Protect our Quality of Life.

JFAN provides the following services in Jefferson County:

1. We provide educational information about CAFOs and news related to factory farming.

2. Community Educational Meetings designed to inform each resident about the risks associated with CAFO Factories and the latest on CAFO activities in Jefferson County.

3. A Community Financial Assistance Fund – funded by residents like you and me - to help local residents and local farmers protect their legal rights. Please help by making a contribution and by volunteering!

Our community is facing a very serious threat from CAFO's , and we need to Act Now before it is too late! It is vitally important that we all learn why this threat is huge and imminent and what we can do together to protect our personal reasons for living here.


"JFAN is a grassroots organization whose role is to promote and protect the quality of life in Jefferson County, through education and financial assistance grants. JFAN strongly supports traditional sustainable agriculture and traditional family farms - including livestock production. JFAN – Farms not Factories!"

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