There is Something YOU Can Do to Stop Infringing CAFOs
and Directory of Local Pasture-Raised Meat, Dairy and Eggs

The transition from traditional farms to factory farming didn’t happen overnight. It crept up on the American public and became the norm before most people knew what happened – and many are still unaware.

Returning to traditional, independent livestock production also won’t occur overnight, but it has already begun. We CAN restore the integrity of animal agriculture over time if we commit to working together to change how our food is produced.
JFAN created a booklet of actions you can take, large, small and everything in between. Some of these actions may be easy to incorporate now; others may take more time to transition into your way of life. There is something here that everyone can do, whether you live in a rural or urban community.
We encourage you to download this booklet, do everything you can do now, and return to these action items periodically. Add more actions as you can to help our food production return to traditional, humane, healthy practices.  
Download the booklet here