Here are action steps you can take today to protect our environment:

1. Educate Yourself
Learn about the problem with Factory Farms and how it will affect you and your family. Review the information on this site, FactoryFarm.orgIowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and the Iowa DNR.

2. Contact Elected Officials
Call, write, or e-mail your elected officials and let them know what you think. 

State Government 
State Legislators 
Local Elected Officials

3. Talk to Your Neighbors 
Help educate them and let them know how important it is that their opinions are known by local and state representatives.

4. Report Suspicious Activity 
Call Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at 515-282-0484 immediately if you see what might be a CAFO being constructed, or if you see what might be an illegal manure dumping.

5. Support JFAN

Support JFAN's efforts by attending JFAN public meetings,volunteering, and contributing to the JFAN defense fund.

6. Join Iowa Citizens forCommunity Improvement 

This 30-year old organization is working hard to insure the quality of air and water in Iowa and is working to return local control of factory farms to the county level.

Articles on CAFOs and the Impacts of Factory Farming

As a public service JFAN recommends the following articles to help educate you on the ongoing issues surrounding CAFOs and their effect on health and the environment as well as viable alternatives.

Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health

Pathogens in our Pork

The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness

Endocarditis due to meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus originating from pigs

The Future of Hog Confinements: A Deeper Look at CAFOs

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Proximate Property Values:

The Appraisal Journal

Overuse of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture: Air and Water Quality Impacts

Swine Manure Composition Affects the Biochemical Origins, Composition, and Accumulation of Odorous Compounds

Opinion on Air and Bacteria by Karen Hudson

CAFO Air Pollution and Children: A Prescription for Precaution

The Dirt on Factory Farms

The Meat Factory

McFarms Go Hog Wild

Nuisance Lawsuits On the Rise

Studies Show Food from US Factory Farms Are a Major Health Hazard

The Rap Sheet on Animal Factories

Controlling Odor and Gaseous Emission Problems from Industrial Swine Facilities

Livestock Impacts on the Environment

The Role of Manure Application in Fish Kills

The Adverse Health Effects of Hog Production (Lit Review)

First Study Finds MRSA in US Pigs and Farmers; U.K. Reports Three Patients Sickened with the Bacterium from Eating Pork Only

Statement by Dr. Jay Graham of the Senate HELP Committee

Factory Farm Bureau's Arrogant Agribusiness Attitude

The Future of the Family Farm

Rethinking the Meat Guzzler

Boss Hog: Rolling Stone Magazine

Tax Policy and Swine Production in Iowa: Journal of Ecological Anthropology

Factory Farming: A Health and Sanitation Nightmare

Presentation by Karen Hudson, LaGrange Park, Illinois (LINK TO .doc)

JFAN Calls for Community Action (LINKto doc)

Standing Room Only at Confinement Meeting

1570 KMCD

JFAN Emerges to Draw Support Against CAFOs (LINK TO DOC)

CAFO Could Hogtie Community Interests (LINK TO DOC)

Silk Purses or Silver Linings? Profitable Alternative Hog Farming Methods Can Spare the Environment (LINK TO DOC)

The Cost of Bringing Home the Bacon (LINK TO DOC)

Hog Factories a Growing Concern for Jefferson County (LINK TO DOC)

Eat Well Guide

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